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Bentley’s endowment is $258 million.

Bentley reported tuition and fee revenue of $205.953 million in FY 14.

Yet they only 34% of that went toward instructional costs.

So where is the money going?

The fact is Bentley is skimping on investing in the classroom by relying on adjunct faculty. Forty years ago adjunct professors were people who had a full time jobs or were retired. They were hired to teach the occasional class to bring some professional expertise into the classroom, but now more and more teaching is being done exclusively by adjunct faculty. At Bentley adjunct faculty teach 28% of the classes. They make only $5000 per course with no benefits and no job security.

These people are often great professors who are dedicated to their students, but they don’t have the same access to office space and resources on campus as their full time counterparts, and they’re often running around between multiple schools to make a livable wage.

Bentley Adjuncts 10 Facts Flyer 91015

Faculty working conditions are student learning conditions. Get involved.

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