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What Are Adjuncts Saying


we won photoWe Won! This is not only a major victory for adjuncts, but for both our students and the university as a whole.”



“We believe tenured supportthat a legitimate negotiation forum for adjunct faculty members will contribute to making Bentley a better institution for all of us.”


A look at Bentley’s budgetBudget Analysis_2“Just 5% of instructional resources are devoted to faculty teaching 28% of the classes. What does that say about Bentley’s priorities?”



“These are some of the things that adjuncts at Tufts have achieved in the year since voting to form a union.  In that year our situation at Bentley has remained static. Lesley and Northeastern have already Tufts University Contract Highlightsvoted to unionize and there are active campaigns underway at BU, Simmons and Brandeis.  As Tufts shows what can be gained by collective action, more and more part-timers will join the effort.

lets not be left behind

“To miss this opportunity will be to the detriment of Bentley adjuncts. As the movement to raise standards for part-time faculty grows, it’s important that Bentley continues to be a leader in higher education, and a desirable place to work.”


bentley adjuncts are organizingA union is a way for us to strengthen Bentley and make it a better place for all of us, and we believe it is the only way we will make any headway to improve the working conditions of adjuncts.”



new capaign“This campaign will show why Bentley must move past the contradiction between its treatment of adjuncts and what it preaches about ethics across its curriculum.”