Bargaining Updates


Bargaining Update: June 27th – Pay Us What We’re Worth

Update: June 22nd – We Prepare for Federal Mediation

Update from April – We’re Taking Action!

February Update – Happy Valentine’s Day

Bargaining Update: December – Valuing Teaching


Bargaining Update: October 28th – It’s time for the Bentley administration to stop bullying and start bargaining


Bargaining Update: October 3rd – Protect Your Academic Freedom


Bargaining Update: September 11, 2015 – We are not disposable faculty!

As we enter into contract negotiations it’s important that we all

show your support logostand together for a collegial relationship at the bargaining table around an agenda that prioritizes our students’ education. Whether you voted for or against unionization we hope that you see how important it is for us, as educators, to work with our administration around these principles. Join the majority of faculty and show that you share these goals by signing this letter:

Bargaining Update: July 23rd – Learn how the administration responded to our previous proposals in our last bargaining session of the summer.

Bargaining Update: June 4th – Learn about our first bargaining session and what we presented to the administration!

Earlier Meetings:

Our first negotiating committee meeting was April 8th. Here we began outlining our specific bargaining agenda and we divided it up so each group was responsible for creating a portion of our bargaining presentation.

At our meeting on April 28th we presented our portions of the presentation to each other. The group was able to critique and develop each portion to build a comprehensive bargaining presentation. At our next meeting we’ll put the finishing touches on this and make sure we’re ready to go when we being bargaining with the administration in June!

Click here to see what happened at the adjunct bargaining info sessions.