We Prepare for Federal Mediation



We have scheduled three negotiation sessions with a federal mediator, but so far the administration has canceled two of them. Monday is our third scheduled mediation and we hope to make major progress towards ensuring higher pay and job security for all Bentley adjuncts.

 Your presence will help.

Support from the Bentley Community:

 Over the past few months, alumni, students and faculty have written letters of support for Bentley adjuncts, urging the administration to stop dragging their heels and come to a fair agreement. In the last month we’ve forwarded hundreds of these letters to the Board of Trustees, so the entire administration can see the real human impact of low pay and no job security on their faculty, and see the overwhelming support adjuncts have in the Bentley community.

Bentley Is Being Left Behind:

At the end of May, Boston University adjunct faculty approved their first Union contract. The agreement significantly improves compensation over the next three years and gives adjunct faculty preferred status to teach courses that they previously taught. Boston University now joins Tufts, Lesley and Northeastern as the latest university in the Boston area to reach an agreement that improves pay, shows greater respect for adjuncts, and provides greater job security.

Elected Officials Express Their Concern:

 Local politicians have written letters to Gloria Larson expressing their concern that the administration has not reached an agreement with the adjuncts. Bentley cannot be the only school in the area that refuses to give its faculty meaningful pay increases and some form of job security — local officials are paying attention.

If Bentley Won’t Come Around:

 If the administration continues to refuse to come to a reasonable agreement, we will shine a spotlight on the disparities between Bentley’s public commitment to business ethics and the reality the administrations treatment of adjunct faculty throughout negotiations. On July 25th we will come together at the Center for Business Ethics 40th Anniversary Celebration to protest this disparity. We will be joined by allies from other universities and many concerned outside organizations from all over Boston. In this effort we must stand united  a few of us cannot be left to fight on behalf of everyone else.

All of us must be involved in order to make progress.