Fair Contract Now!

Dear Colleague,

We all know that it’s been over a year since we voted overwhelmingly to form a union, and we’ve been working towards a collective bargaining agreement ever since. The negotiation process has been long and difficult in the face of an administration that has vehemently resisted all of our attempts to improve pay and job security for adjuncts, but last week was an exciting week for our campaign!

Faculty Senate Speaks Out

At Faculty Senate on Wednesday, April 6th our only adjunct faculty representative, Joan Atlas, gave a statement about the state of adjunct negotiations and the oppressive atmosphere that permeates our school. The administration has insisted that Faculty Senate should not be informed about what is happening during negotiations, and they’ve worked hard to silence any public examination of these issues, so Joan had to speak up during the “other items” portion of the meeting. To see a full copy of Joan’s remarks, click here.

This inspired a 45-minute discussion where many members of Faculty Senate expressed support for our goals, especially fairer pay for adjunct faculty and more transparency around the process.

Adjunct Faculty Take Action at the Open HouseBentley 040916

Saturday, April 9th was Bentley’s Open House for accepted students. There were over 800 potential students on campus with their families learning about Bentley, but we had faculty, students and supporters there too — teaching them about the adjunct experience at Bentley.

We handed out flyers and spoke to people as they came in. Then we took to the stairs of the library to speak out about the    treatment we have faced from the administration. In addition to full-time and part-time Bentley faculty, allies from Interfaith Worker Justice and adjuncts from other schools in the area also came to show their support.

We didn’t try to discourage anyone from coming to Bentley, or undo all the work people had put in to make the Open House a success — but we did take the opportunity to make sure our voice was heard.


Bentley University Adjunct Union