Happy Valentine’s Day, From Out Students

As our bargaining committee continues to push for higher pay and more job security for all adjuncts at Bentley, the students showed their love and support for our cause too. As we go back and forth with the administration, it’s heartwarming to recognize that the students see our hard work and support our efforts for fairer treatment. 

On Thursday, in LaCava, students collected signatures on a Valentine to adjuncts and handed out flyers explaining how the school can afford to pay adjuncts fairly and that it has a moral obligation to do so.
The truth is that it would cost about 1 penny more out of each dollar of Bentley’s revenue to improve the pay of adjunct faculty over the next three years. At a time when the school is preparing to spend $45 million to build a new hockey rink, committing an extra one percent for fair adjunct professor pay seems trivial. 
The students understand that it is time for the Bentley administration stop trivializing its commitment to pay for teaching. The students are demanding that the administration make the choice to increase the pay of their lowest paid professors. They see it as a choice and a statement of the values that Bentley says that it stands for. Bentley should choose to treat and pay faculty fairly; we know it, the students know it, and soon the administration will know it too.