December Bargaining Update

The Bentley Administration Should Value Teaching


Students pay the same tuition, receive the same credits and have the same expectations from their professors whether a course is taught by an adjunct or full-time teaching faculty member. There is no reason we should be paid less for the same work – teaching.

Further, adjunct pay has not gone up in over two years and now the administration is planning to increase contact hours 20% per course by increasing the length of classes and the semester.

We proposed increasing our pay by at least $1,000 per course each year for the next three years. This covers the increased contact time with students and makes meaningful progress toward parity with full time teaching faculty.

The Bentley administration’s response is to continue to use adjunct faculty as a source of cheap labor that reduces the cost of classroom teaching rather than as filling an important instructional need for our university and our students.

The administration’s proposal:

• Offers only a one-time $75 increase for arts & science classes and a $375 increase for business classes.
• Tries to create a wedge between business and arts & science adjunct faculty by offering pennies more for teaching business courses.
• Ignores the 20% increase in classroom time by not offering to pay for our additional time.

Adjuncts must make it clear that pay for our work and making meaningful progress towards parity is important to all of us and to our students.