Why We’re Voting YES

In the booklet above, you will see some of the faces of union supporters among our part-time faculty at Bentley University. You can also read, in our own words, why so many of us support the union — and why we ask you to join us by voting YES when you return your union ballot.

There are many reasons to vote YES: for a collective voice to win better pay; for longer contracts and professional development; for healthcare and consideration for full-time jobs; for other gains like those won by our colleagues at Tufts. Faculty at BU, Lesley and Northeastern are all on their way to strong union contracts as well — Bentley adjuncts can’t afford to be left behind!

We all know Bentley is a special place — one that we all care about deeply as educators. That’s why we are engaged in a shared effort to improve the learning experience on campus. Through collective action, we can make Bentley the best place for us to work and for our students to learn.

Together we will put the focus back on teaching, back on the classroom and back on the University’s core mission. We will win respect for our contributions to the Bentley experience.

As you read through this digital booklet, you will see familiar statements from colleagues from all over campus. You’ve likely expressed similar thoughts and concerns, yourself, or heard the same from fellow adjuncts. You may have even experienced frustration with the Administration’s lack of progress in dealing with these challenges.

This is our opportunity to bring about the changes we know are so desperately needed at Bentley. Through our union, our voices will be heard — just as our colleagues have been heard at campuses across the country.

This is our time to raise the voice of all adjuncts at Bentley and make a real difference on campus. Join us in voting YES for our union.


The Bentley Adjunct Faculty Organizing Committee