Full Time Support Letter

A Letter from Bentley University’s Tenured Faculty

– January 30, 2015 –

In 2013, some of us wrote to you about the adjunct faculty union election vote. As you most likely know, the choice to join a union lost by 2 votes. In the time since Bentley’s first vote, the Boston area has seen a big increase in adjunct faculty union activity. Adjunct faculty members at Tufts, Northeastern, and Lesley have voted to join unions. There are new adjunct faculty organizing drives underway at Boston University and Brandeis.

The Bentley Adjunct Organizing Committee has launched an organizing drive for another union vote this academic year. We thought it would be worthwhile to send our letter again, with support from more tenured faculty members. We hope to reach new adjunct faculty members and to remind all our adjunct faculty colleagues that we strongly support both your contributions to Bentley University and this effort to improve your working conditions.

Here (again) is the letter.

Dear Adjunct Faculty colleagues,

We really appreciate the very great contribution you make to teaching and learning at Bentley. We respect and admire your professionalism and talents. We know that your commitment to students and to Bentley means that you often do much more than the job requires.

We also recognize that you currently do this work for very low wages, without benefits, and without any assurance that you will have work from semester to semester. We believe that Bentley can do better than this, and that you deserve it.

As tenured faculty members who have both job security and decent working conditions, we strongly support the current adjunct faculty initiative to form a union and engage in collective bargaining. We believe that the exercise of your collective voices through an adjunct faculty union will enable you to improve your working conditions, which we very much hope will happen.

We also believe that this campaign is fully in the spirit of Bentley University’s commitments and values. Bentley has recognized the importance of collective bargaining by signing The United Nations Global Compact and agreeing to uphold “the effective recognition of the right to collective bargaining.” According to the Global Compact, “Establishing genuine dialogue with freely chosen workers’ representatives enables both workers and employers to understand each other’s problems better and find ways to resolve them.”(http://www.unglobalcompact.org/AboutTheGC/TheTenPrinciples/principle3.html)

In addition, Bentley’s commitment to ethics and social responsibility continues to be both a source of pride and a goal for higher achievement. The union initiative is a great opportunity for Bentley to demonstrate our commitment to The U.N. Global Compact and to achieving “an ethical and socially engaged environment” at Bentley. (Our Vision http://www.bentley.edu/about/mission-vision-and-values)

For all these reasons, we support the formation of a union for adjunct faculty members at Bentley University. We believe that a legitimate negotiation forum for adjunct faculty members will contribute to making Bentley a better institution for all of us.

With best wishes and respect,

Bridie Andrews, Associate Professor, History

Anthony Buono, Professor, Management

Laura M. Crary, Associate Professor, Management

Samir Dayal, Associate Professor, English and Media Studies

Michael Frank, Associate Professor, English and Media Studies

Robert Frederick, Professor, Philosophy

Richard Garrett, Associate Professor, Philosophy

Ranjoo Herr, Associate Professor, Philosophy

Bruce Herzberg, Professor, English and Media Studies

W. Michael Hoffman, Executive Director, Center for Business Ethics

Angma Jhala, Associate Professor, History

Elliott Levy, Associate Professor, Accountancy

Carolyn Magid, Associate Professor, Philosophy

Clifford Putney, Associate Professor, History

Axel Seeman, Associate Professor, Philosophy

Anna Siomopoulos, Associate Professor, English and Media Studies

Kristin Sorensen, Associate Professor, Global Studies

Marcus Stewart, Associate Professor, Management

Cyrus Veeser, Professor, History