Tufts Contract Highlights

Dear Fellow Adjuncts,

As you probably know, last year adjuncts at Bentley had the opportunity to vote on whether to form a union to bargain with the administration for better pay and benefits. We lost that poll by two votes out of 198 cast.  At around the same time, adjuncts at Tufts voted overwhelmingly to unionize. You may have read in the Boston Globe that our colleagues at Tufts have now negotiated and ratified their contract. Here are some of the details of that contract:

  • By September 2016 part-time faculty will receive a minimum of $7,300 per course.
  • By September 2016 the minimum for someone with eight years service rises to $8,760 per course.
  • All adjuncts will have at least one year contracts.
  • Those with more than four years of service will be casino online eligible for 2-year appointments; those with more than eight years of service will be eligible for 3-year appointments.
  • Work done outside the classroom (mentoring, advising, etc.) will be compensated.
  • Those with a 3-year contract will receive full compensation for a cancelled course.
  • Part-time faculty will get first notice and fair consideration for full-time positions, including a guaranteed interview.  If the part-time faculty member is not offered the position, she/he can be informed of the reason in a meeting with the dean or department head.
  • The contract mandates the establishment of a professional development fund for scholarship or artistic practice that contributes to teaching excellence.

These are some of the things that adjuncts at Tufts have achieved in the year since voting to form a union.  In that year our situation at Bentley has remained static. Lesley and Northeastern have already voted to unionize and there are active campaigns underway at BU, Simmons and Brandeis.  As Tufts shows what can be gained by collective action, more and more part-timers will join the effort. We address our fellow adjuncts here at Bentley: Let’s not be left behind!


Let’s Build a Better Bentley Together,

Bentley Adjuncts Organizing Committee