lacava adjuncts sticker

Let's Not Be Left Behind!

Dear Adjunct Faculty Colleagues-

These are momentous times for contingent and part-time faculty here in the Boston area, and for that matter nationally. Over 2,000 adjuncts have united in SEIU in Boston in the last year, including our colleagues at Tufts, Northeastern, and Lesley. Many other area campuses are organized as well: Emerson College, Suffolk University, Berklee College, Curry College, Cambridge College, and the entire University of Massachusetts system. Campaigns are also underway at Brandeis and Boston University.

Bargaining negotiations at Tufts are expected to conclude this semester. Part-time faculty are working to address a range of key issues with their administration, including:

• Pay parity with other teaching faculty
• Regular pay increases
• Access to affordable health insurance
• Longer-term contracts
• Recourse/rights over issues related to reappointment
• Professional development funds

Such objectives speak not only to the welfare of adjunct faculty members, but also to the overall effectiveness of teaching on campus.

So far, Bentley administrators have rejected any serious discussion about changes. But we now have it within our power to bring about improvements. To miss this opportunity will be to the detriment of Bentley adjuncts. As casino online the movement to raise standards for part-time faculty grows, it’s important that Bentley continues to be a leader in higher education, and a desirable place to work.

Now is the time to make sure that Bentley adjuncts – and Bentley University – are not left behind.

We hope you will join us and sign a union authorization card.

Lord Andzie-Quinaoo, Economics
Joan Atlas, English & Media Studies
Lilian Bobea, Sociology
Roger Danichise, Natural & Applied Sciences
Jack Dempsey, English & Media Studies
Virginia Egan, Natural & Applied Sciences
Thomas Finn, English & Media Studies
Bob Hannigan, History
Mary Hartman, Finance
Curtis Holland, Sociology
Tom Johnson, History
Doug Kierdorf, History
Barbara Nash, Natural & Applied Sciences
Gabe Repassy, Natural & Applied Sciences
Elaine Saunders, Mathematical Sciences
Clarissa Sawyer, Natural & Applied Sciences
Summar Sparks, English & Media Studies
Jonathan Speros, Accountancy